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Sometimes you have to be In the right frame of mind to hear something that has been said to you a hundred-times before.  With this in mind, we are using every possible medium in an attempt to speak, not only to victims of C.S.A., but the innumerable  secondary victims and in fact anyone who will listen. Producing podcasts seem to be the next natural stage for our message.

We want to show that Childhood Sexual Abuse no longer needs to be a life sentence. And that armed with the right information victims can and do heal from this horrendous crime.  We hope that by sharing our own experiences we will save other victims from unnecessary pain and suffering in their lives.

Our first podcast will be aired Sunday 1st September at 10am and followed by a new episode every Sunday after that. With each podcast under twenty minutes long.

Currently we are working on a series of discussions around the numerous psychological conditions and disorders that develop as a direct response to child sexual abuse/trauma.  

We want the talks to be brief but informative. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to hear and understand the information and in turn, encourage open discussions about this subject that so many shy away from.

We hope the podcasts are interesting and we encourage feedback and suggestions of any of the impacts you would like to hear more about.

Take Care 

Joyce, June & Paula xxx

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