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Survivors of Sexual Violence Ebook

The Survivors of Sexual Violence Ebook is written by members of I Believe Her Ireland, a Facebook page and contains over 100 individual harrowing accounts of sexual abuse.

Due to the intimate nature of events, the fear of not being believed, the guilt and shame that society makes survivors feel, and the trauma of the rape itself, many survivors feel that that they cannot come forward. Only 32% of survivors will go on to report their experience to the Gardai or other formal body. Fewer go on to trial and fewer still result in a conviction.

I believe Her – Ireland facebook page is joining forces with the Count Me In Campaign with the intention of raising awareness in the public consciousness and dispelling the myth that all rapes are violent and occur down a dark alley when in fact, most rapes happens in our homes, with people we know, and often trust.

We would like to thank Susan Dillon who gathered all the letters and encouraged her members to allow their stories to be published within this booklet. 

We would really like to acknowledge the courage and strength it took for you all to put pen to paper and go to the places these stories brought you.

By sharing your experience, you will most likely never know how many people you have helped.

The Kavanagh Sisters

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