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Episode Thirteen

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Please Don't Go It Alone!

‘Trigger Warning’ if you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse please remember the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre 24-Hour Helpline 1800 77 8888

In today’s podcast we will be discussing finding support and professional help. We know just how difficult it is to go it alone without support, and the fear involved in reaching out for help. It can feel like confessing to a crime as you are unsure and confused about your victim-hood. The fear may result in you thinking that you have survived this long without any help so why should anything be different now, but honestly, this is a long road and at times full of pain and suffering, and having someone to lean on even if it’s just ringing a helpline can make all the difference to your recovery.

Although we had the same abuser (our father), we each experienced our abuser, our abuse, and the manner in which we overcame the horrendous impacts, differently. We really hope that by sharing our experience you will be encouraged to see the benefits of seeking professional help. And even more importantly, that you understand yourself and how you heal.  Who you share your journey with is entirely up to you. Choice is a luxury that was taken from all victims of sexual abuse and reclaiming yours is key to taking back your life.

Attending a professional will allow you a safe place to explore your memories and a good professional will help you get through the tough times. The process of healing should always feel like something that is done with you not to you.

On our website (link below) is numerous contact details for services that we feel are best suited to help you heal from sexual abuse.

Please share and spread the word……

Take care

Joyce, June and Paula 


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