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Episode 26


Fear is a Choice!

‘Trigger Warning’ if you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse you can call the Sexual Violence Centre Cork on (01800) 496 496.

In today’s podcast we will be discussing how we are coping with the fear and anxiety that is currently taken hold of our world as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic.

We discuss how our response to this situation is amplified because of the fear and trauma we experienced being sexually abused as children.  We talk about how our childhood trauma has created a default response to fear for all of us and how those responses are often unconscious.

We are very aware that countless other victims of childhood sexual abuse and trauma may also be experiencing similar responses to the current situation. We hope that by sharing our experiences and observations we will help others to know they are not alone, and unlike when we were children and had no choice in our responses to our fear, today as adults we do.

Take Care

Joyce, June and Paula

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