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Letter of Support – Wife

Below we share this small excerpt from Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse – where a wife wrote about the difficulties she as the partner of man who experienced childhood sexual abuse suffered while attempting to support and live with the impacts of the abuse.

She talks about how painful it is to live with a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and how the most dominant feeling can be powerlessness and frustration. She says:

A Wife’s Story

When high-profile cases dominate the news, I feel for the victims, but I also scan for images of their partners and wonder how they deal with it.  I want to ask if their husbands sometimes wince when touched, too. 

Partners like me have very few resources.  There’s no recourse, no opportunity for revenge, or even forgiveness.  My challenges are loneliness, impotence and the urge to do something, somehow to make it right. 

Trav tells me I’m the most beautiful, smart, sexy woman he’s ever met, and I know he believes it.  Still, sometimes my husband cannot summon a desire to touch me in a way that doesn’t feel obligatory and rote.  I’d be lying if I said I never wanted things to be different.”

Husbands and wives are just some of the hidden victims of abuse and we wish to encourage others to share their stories and understand you are not alone.

We ask you all to join the campaign. The more politicians that read real experiences, the better understanding there will be. This hopefully will wake up our politicians and ensure they push forward the much-needed funding

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