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Episode Fifteen

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Why is it so difficult to put ourselves first?

‘Trigger Warning’ if you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse please remember the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre 24-Hour Helpline 1800 77 8888

In today’s podcast (episode 15) ‘Why is it so difficult to put ourselves first?’  we will be discussing self-care, its importance and why survivors of childhood sexual abuse find it difficult to recognise they are neglecting their own needs.  

Looking after others was ingrained in us from birth. We grew up in a culture where women were taught to ignore their own needs while taking care of men, home and children.

We really struggled with not only recognising our needs, but believing we had the right have them or give them priority. We believe women in general suffer, prioritising themselves, but this too is exaggerated in victims of childhood sexual abuse because of the damage to their self-worth.

The first step to making any changes in your life is awareness. Once you are aware of the problem and how damaging it is to your life, you can begin making the necessary changes. It is not selfish to put yourself first. In fact it makes sense to,  because only then are you better able to help others.

We hope by sharing our experiences we can help others look at how well/badly they take care of themselves or if changes are needed to improve that aspect of their life. Self-care should be a priority as it is vitally important for good physical and mental health.   

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Take care

Joyce, June and Paula 

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