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The Kavanagh Sisters in the Media

When our first book Click, Click’ was published in September 2011, we were invited to be interviewed on TV and radio, in both Ireland and the UK.  While doing these interviews was an amazing experience, for us it was much more than getting publicity for the book. We had a number of objectives at the time that we really wanted to use these interviews for.

We wanted to start the process of normalising the conversion around sexual abuse and in some way, deliver the messages in a way that people could hear the detail but also the message of hope for survivors.

We wanted to demonstrate that there is life after abuse, that individuals that suffer abuse can be normal people carrying on with their lives. It was important for us to try and remove the stereotypes that those that have suffered abuse were addicted to drugs or so depressed that they couldn’t speak about their experiences.

We also felt so strongly about giving the message that abuse does not have to define you and that if you do your own work you can overcome its horrendous impacts.

We recognise the important role that the media can play in highlighting and influencing peoples perspective on abuse, its primary victims, secondary victims and preparators alike.

Please feel free to watch or listen to any of our interviews below.

The Trauma Therapist Podcast June 15th 2020 


Sunday:am TV3, June 3rd 2018 (click on image to watch interview)

The Late Late Show, RTE 1, September 2011 (Part 1)

The Late Late Show, RTE 1 September 2011 (Part 2)

This Morning, ITV, May 2012

Ireland AM, TV3, September 2011

The Morning Show, TV3

The Tuesday File, Silent Scream, RTE 1 (Part 1) 1991

The Tuesday File, Silent Scream, RTE 1 (Part 2) 1991

Radio Interviews

Today with Sean O’Rourke on RTE Radio 1

Click on the image to listen to a podcast of this interview

East Coast Radio (Part 1)

East Coast Radio (Part 2)

NewsTalk Radio Interview with Tom Dunne

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