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Episode Thirty


Dr Marie Keenan - Associate Professor

Lecturer at the School of Social Policy, Social Work & Social Justice,

University of College Dublin

Trigger Warning’ if you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse please remember the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre 24-hour Helpline is open 1800 77 8888

In today’s podcast (episode 30) we will be talking to Dr, Marie Keenan, Associate Professor, Lecturer at the School of Social Policy, Social Work & Social Justice, University of College Dublin.

Dr Keenan speaks of how she, along with two other colleagues established the Granada Institute in Dublin in 1995. How they designed and delivered a treatment programme for clergy and laymen who had perpetrated sexual crimes against minors and what parameters they worked within. Marie speaks openly and honestly about the frustration she feels at the government’s inability to put in place appropriate workable solutions in response to sexual crime, including restorative justice going forward. 

Marie is one of the few people in Ireland working in Restorative Justice in relation to perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse. She explains the process involved for those that may be interested in confronting their abusers in a safe environment. She a fierce proponent of using restorative justice in the realms of sexual abuse or sexual violence cases and believes that a restorative approach will provide victims with a sense of justice that the majority of victims may never get going through our deeply flawed justice system.

Dr Keenan’s research credentials both academically and in her professional practice are extensive and impressive. She remains committed to providing workable solutions for victims of sexual crimes both in and out of our justice system and has no intention of stopping any day soon.

Take care

Joyce, June and Paula

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