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Welcome To Our Website

If you have found your way to our page you are most likely a kindred spirit or someone seeking answers to difficult questions, either way we are happy to help.

Let us introduce ourselves:

We are three sisters, Joyce, June and Paula Kavanagh. We are three of ten children, six boys and four girls born and raised in Dublin, Ireland in the 1960’s and life was very different then. 

Poverty was our norm. Growing up we didn’t notice any difference between us and everyone else. It was only when someone came into in school with matching white socks or when they took out a packet of new crayons from their schoolbag, that we became aware of things we didn’t have.  

With so many children in our house, it was a case of first up best dressed every morning! Our Mother worked full-time, so we children reared each other. This was all the while our family kept a terrible secret.

Our father sexually abused all the girls on a daily basis.  It’s hard to imagine we lived through all that that entails but we did.  We all emerged out the other end broken, damaged beyond repair…….. or so we thought.

We are here today, repaired, for lack of a better word, to a large extent but still working on it. 

No woman is ordinary and, so we consider ourselves extraordinary women. We can only now look back with gratitude on what we once considered the cause of all our misery in this life. 

Our experience has set us on a path of self-discovery. It set us on a journey that has brought us more growth and understanding of not only ourselves and our behaviours but how that understanding can be shared as it has worldwide application because we are more alike than not.

We are now the proud Authors of two books. ‘Click, Click‘, was our first book released in 2011 and Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse is our new book.

Click, Click is the story of our abuse and it took us 20 years to write. It was because it was a very difficult book to write. We would work on a piece and then had to walk away from it, sometimes for years at a time before we could return.

That book haunted us, but we knew we had to complete it. No matter how difficult it was to write, tackling what we suffered as children at the hands of our father cleared the space for us to move forward. And that’s exactly what we did.

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Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

Our new book Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse documents the tools we used as part of our healing and we’re really proud of it!

It’s our hope that by reading Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse you will see and then understand the impact that childhood sexual abuse had on every aspect of their lives.  

We want our new book to be a helpful resource that contributes to healing the pain and suffering brought about by the heinous crime of childhood sexual abuse. We also believe that anyone who has suffered physical, sexual, psychological or emotional abuse can benefit from reading this book. This is because through writing the book we recognised that the psychological and emotional damage caused by trauma of any type is very similar. 

We have come so far and are happier than we could ever have hoped to be and want to help other survivors of childhood sexual abuse take their own healing journey.

Our Books

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Anger Free Ebook

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Although anger is a completely normal emotion, for those of us who have experienced childhood sexual abuse if can often be feared or badly expressed.  We can struggle to express how we feel and use anger as a way of pushing people away.

We have put together this booklet to assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of the various types of anger. We hope that by the inclusion of our own personal experiences with coping with anger we can help you let go of the destructive elements of that anger.

In our experience the hardest impacts of abuse to uncover and identify are the psychological impacts, making this crime extremely difficult to put behind you and move on with your life. With this in mind, we have developed this free ebook for you.

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