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Why Go Back?

We are so proud and excited to announce the launch of our second book ‘Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse’. 

This book took 6 years to write, which is a big improvement on how long it took us to write our first book “Click, Click”

What is 'Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

 ‘Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse is a book of hope. It is a unique resource that manages to blend theory with practical examples of how abuse can manifest in the lives of its victims.  It provides real life experiences of the variety of conditions and disorders that can develop as a result of being abused and what they look like in real life.

It demonstrates how abuse can be overcome with knowledge and understanding.  It contains a series of steps based on our belief that the only way to overcome abuse is if you are willing to fully engage in exploring memories and experience. You need to begin to question the origins of your thoughts and be willing to challenge everything you believe to be true.

It is a practical and engaging book that will bring hope and inspiration to sufferers to embark on and dedicate themselves to, overcoming the damage caused to their lives as a result of being abused.

It is our intention to promote a greater understanding of childhood sexual abuse and encourage and motivate change. 

We would love to hear from anyone who reads the book. All feedback is welcome and you can send us your comments and messages here on our website or through our Facebook page.

Love and light
Joyce, June and Paula.

What People Are Saying About Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

A wonderful, practical, effective approach to trauma (of all kinds)

Inspirational, courageous, insightful, wise and, maybe most importantly of all, GROUNDED. A wonderful, practical, effective approach to TRAUMA (of all kinds).

Donal O'Leary via Facebook

Human, Touching, Informed, Wise Resource

“It’s an amazingly human, touching, informed, wise resource …. a book for anyone and everyone who cares about child sexual abuse and those who battle with it.”

Sexual Violence Center Cork via Twitter

Turning Tragedy into a Source of Great Strength

Child sexual abuse and rape can leave a legacy of human pain and suffering that can reach far beyond childhood. What we see in this book is how Joyce, June and Paula tackled such tragedy as they regained their power over its awful legacy, turning their tragedy into a source of great strength. This is why Joyce, June and Paula’s book is so important.

Dr Marie Keenan, Lecturer at the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University College Dublin

A Big Thank You

I have downloaded ‘Why go Back?’ and would just like to say a big thank you….what an amazing book each and every page and word seems to be written especially for me…and I know I am not alone in feeling like this…

I have to admit that it does not make for easy reading but I decided that my way of dealing with this was to have my book open on my laptop and have a note page open too so that when something in the book spared a reaction in me I go to my note page and write down exactly what I am feeling …it has been such a help and maybe by sharing my experience it will help someone else somewhere…I do hope so.

I have also ordered a hard copy of this book as a present for a very good friend and will be ordering a hard copy for myself too at a later date.

Again thank you.


Ruth Balbirnie

Helping and Achieving Healing After Child Sexual Abuse

A very easy book to read. Very well written. Following their first book, this book focuses on helping and achieving healing after child sexual abuse. Some beautiful personal stories in this book and I particularly found the pieces referring to their Mother very poignant. Wonderful writing.

Elizabeth Doyle via Amazon.com

Definitely a Book I Would Recommend For Any Stage of Your Healing Journey

I finished this book last night. I’ve had it a few weeks but wanted to take my time reading it..and I’m glad I did. I’ve read a lot of stuff about abuse and it’s effects on the victims. I’m constantly educating myself to try and get awareness of what is happening in my life.

So I have to say this book makes you feel like it’s personally written for you. It explains a lot about how growing up and becoming an adult and carrying behaviour with you from the past. It explains from Joyce, June and Paula how each thing affected them in their own personal lives. It explains a lot about personal growth, relationships with family and friends, sexual relationships and about moving forward. The title “Why go back?” makes sense..because you cant really move happily forward if something from the past is holding you back.

It has great questionnaires that make you think about certain aspects in a different way. It’s simply written which is what I love most. No big fancy words that you don’t understand. It’s definitely a book that I would recommend at any stage of your journey as it gives you advice from when you want to tell someone for the first time right through to the police station, court process and afterwards.It’s definitely a book I will keep and read and refer to again and again. xxx

Shaneda Daly

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Why Go Back?

You can purchase your copy of ‘Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse‘  in both paperback and ebook versions on the Amazon platform. 

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We have a limited number of signed copies of our latest book, Why Go Back? 7 Steps to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse available for sale directly from our website. These copies are signed by each of us and we can add a personalised message to your book.

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