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We published our first book about the story of our abuse in September 2011 entitled ‘Click, Click’. This book went onto become a number 1 best seller in Ireland and the UK.  On November 25th 2021 ‘Click, Click’ got a new cover & name and was republished by The Orion Publishing Group Ltd.

About Click, Click

Joyce, June and Paula Kavanagh were three sisters born to a family of ten in Ballyfermot, Dublin in the 1960s. Their father abused all three of them in the family home throughout their childhood. In 1989, the sisters made the brave decision to bring charges against their father and, in 1990, the state took a successful case against him. 

He was convicted and imprisoned. ‘Click, Click‘ is the story of their abuse; the exposure of a man prolific in his paedophilia; and an Irish childhood lost in a dysfunctional, abusive and torturous environment. Importantly, however, it is also the story of three women’s healing; their coming to terms with their abuse, and their forgiveness of themselves and others. 

The Kavanagh sisters have refused to allow their abuse to define them. With fierce humour, insight and honesty, they now share their story and show that with love and determination, you can indeed conquer all.  

Hi, I am nearing he end of ‘Click, Click’ and I have to admit I was more reticent to get started on ‘Click, Click’ than on your second book, but honest to God, having now formed an opinion based on having actually reading it rather than presuming (a) that I somehow already knew what reading either book would add to what I understood about Childhood Sexual Abuse and (b) thinking It won’t help me feel better where I am at and would more likely take from me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
As someone who is still very detached, I find it difficult to remember the content of my memories unless something triggers them. It is unusual for me to feel a lot of conscious emotions about what I know is locked away…..your description of your experience and the behaviour and reactions of your father to certain situations were so familiar they made me weep. I know exactly what you were talking about and that was amazing and so validating. You made is much harder to go into the old trap of lying to myself about the truth of who these men were to us. I often fall into the trap of lying to myself that he isn’t that bad, he didn’t know what he was doing, or worst of all, didn’t do it at all outside of my imagination. This has been such a meaningful insight and a wonderful gift.
The contrast between the perspective of you as a child and your perspectives as adults having gone on and done the work was really helpful. You are all gems. Thank you, your so generous in sharing your lessons learned, and I am absolutely in awe of you for being brave enough to look all the ugliness straight in the eye long enough to write it all down.
Take care, I wish you all the best in the world.

” Humbling”

I read this book on the recommendation of a friend who just said ‘it’s powerful’. A short way into the book I found it hard going as I knew what was to come! I went back to it two or three times before I felt quite humble and decided that if these girls had the strength to write it I had to be strong enough to read it and I am glad I did. A huge sacrifice for the good of children everywhere.

Received on on 10th May 2012 


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Click, Click is also available to buy in paperback and ebook versions on and

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