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Episode 23 – Eve Farrelly, CARI


Eve Farrelly - Executive Director -CARI

‘Trigger Warning’ if you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse please remember the CARI Helpline (Lo Call 1890 924 567)

In today’s podcast (Episode 23) – Interview with Eve Farrelly, Executive Director of CARI, (Children at Risk in Ireland). Eve holds a master’s in management, business, marketing and related support services, she also has a master’s in criminology, a BA in Psychology and advanced Diploma in Date Protection Law.

Eve brings us up to speed on the services offered by CARI as well as highlighting the shortfalls in resources that forces them to have a waiting list for children and their families to enter their services.  Sadly, currently CARI have 85 Children on their waiting list.  Eve also speaks candidly about Tulsa’s latest legislation where an abuser may have the right to question their victim in person.

CARI have two full time offices in Dublin and Limerick.  They provide specialised therapy for children and young people who have been affected by child sexual abuse. They also support the families through the process. Children are referred after their disclosure has been investigated or if they have witnessed sexual assaults on someone else with the aim of ensuring their experience does not go on to define their life. CARI also provides therapy to children, up to (and including) twelve-year olds, who present with sexually harmful behaviour. to enter their services.  

It is inspiring to hear the passion Eve has for her job along with her love for the children she deals with. Her wealth of knowledge and understanding of the effects of this crime is very comforting leaving us yearning that we could have met someone like her when we were young girls.

We hope that this series of interviews help highlight the supports that currently exist, the struggles they face daily to deliver these services and to further emphasize the lack of country wide supports. This demonstrates both the lack of will from our government to take this crime seriously and the need for those in power to understand the impacts of this crime, not only on its victims but on society as a whole.  Hopefully we can unite and get the results we need to tackle sexual abuse and all that goes with that.

Take care

Joyce, June and Paula

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