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Special Edition Podcast

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We have a lot to be proud of in this country as our actions clearly display our hunger for change, our ability to identify we all have rights and through the use of our voice’s we have brought about change, and put the rights of our citizens first, something our governments have had to be forced to do.  e.g. Abortion, same sex marriage and divorce time scale.

Our willingness to stand together is where the strength lies and once again, we need to do this.  We are not like the generations before us who felt the government knew best or worse still believed they had no choice; we realise by speaking up as an issue is identified means we do not have to pay the consequences later and although in this case we might be too late as they have already created a myriad of damage, however, it does not have to be allowed to continue causing the usual generational damage.

The latest guidelines introduced by TUSLA we feel is the last straw, they are now stating that if a victim accuses someone of abuse the alleged perpetrator has the right to question the accuser.  The guidelines have been set and they are already training social workers to carry this task out. 

Why is it down to us to do this, we may ask, but as we know it is only through us standing together the government are forced into action.  Even now there is seldom a day goes by when we don’t read something about TUSLA’s incompetence, yet they are allowed to carry on.  TUSLA’s remit is in child protection and welfare services, educational and welfare services, psychological services, alternative care, family and locally based community services, early years services and domestic, sexual and gender based violent services.

ABC- (Alliance of Birth Mothers Campaign)


Mr Pat Rabbitte – Chairperson Tusla






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