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This full-day workshop is designed for those who have experienced abuse or trauma in childhood. Delivered by all three Kavanagh sisters it promises to be engaging, interactive, fun and informative.

You will be provided with information and exercises to raise awareness of how the abuse has impacted you and help you understand how these impacts are having a negative influence on your life.  By exploring different tools, you can let go of negative thinking patterns and finally create a new vision for your life going forward in a fun and engaging way.

Topics include:

  • How your abuse impacted your life. This will involve looking at the physical, emotional and mental impacts of abuse.
  • Understanding why going back and looking at the abuse plays a major role in your recovery.
  • Exploring what works for you and what needs to change.
  • How to let go of negative thinking.
  • Discover the importance of creating a new vision for your life.

 Who Can attend?

Adult survivors (over 18 years of age) who have experienced any form of childhood trauma and/or abuse. Family members, friends, partners and anyone providing support to a survivor of abuse.

* While there are several group exercises/discussions during the workshop, there is no obligation or pressure to speak or participate. This workshop can complement any therapy/work being currently undertaken but is not to be considered as therapy and we are not therapists, so participants will not be encouraged to share their personal stories.  The information shared at the workshop is based on our own experience of childhood sexual abuse and some of the things we used to overcome its impacts.

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Over the course of the year we will be developing and delivering several workshops and talks designed for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, their partners, family, friends and professionals who provide support.

Our personal experience of childhood sexual abuse and how we overcame its impacts ensures we are well positioned to help others who have suffered from this heinous crime.  Our ability to talk about this difficult subject through open and honest discussions makes it easy for any listener to hear and understand.

We hope the sharing of our story inspires other survivors to speak and is a comfort to them. We aim to ease their pain and suffering through reassuring them they are understood and are not alone.  

We also recognise the importance of acknowledging secondary victims of abuse (i.e. non-abusing parents, partners, family and friends) and make the argument that providing appropriate services and supports to those who commit any crimes of a sexual nature must be included on any agenda for resources if we are to prevent future generations of children suffering at their hands.

Speaking Engagement Requests

If you would like us to speak at an event you are orgainising, please get in touch. 

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