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  1. Shaneda Daly Shaneda Daly

    Your absolutely right..Tulsa were always unqualified and under staffed to take on this..I myself a year ago made a report to Tulsa after one of my children told me he was being dragged around by his ear and clothes and being sent to his room with no food and that he was better off being dead then living where he was..
    It took 8 days after I had reported for someone to go to the house to check on him..8 days and 15 calls to the office and 3 phone calls to head office.
    They keep on taking on more work but no extra staff and training for it to work.they can say kids first all they want but I know of another woman who’s son said the father had abused him.they are waiting on news back from DPP. In the meantime the father is allowed supervised visits..Tulsa said they cannot act till Dpp have made a decission..So the word of a child is in no way taken into account.

  2. Ellen O’Malley Dunlop Ellen O’Malley Dunlop

    An excellent response Paula. It is reprehensible that the resources are still not in place to ensure that children can be allowed to be children and to be protected from perpetrators. Our education systems still have a very long way to go when it comes to including age related sex and relationship programmers in our schools and third level colleges and institutes.
    Keep up your good work and give my fond regards to Joyce and June.

  3. Marie Withers Barcoe Marie Withers Barcoe

    An amazing piece. Very articulate and full of love. 😇😎

  4. Judy Chambers Judy Chambers

    So powerful and so emotional 😭.

  5. Thanks for helping me understand more about the childhood sexual abuse. I have my bestfriend who’s also a victim when she was a child. She only shared her experience just recently, and that’s exactly after 20 years!

  6. thx I needed to know this

  7. Joan Redmond Joan Redmond

    I have been reading through the blogs and have found that I can connect to almost all of the experiences of life as a survivor but especially the brain effects caused by many years of sexual abuse.I cant believe how much i can relate to in the writings of the sisters which i find truly inspiring I am greatly admiring the honesty and downright bravery of these women and am so glad that ive now met up with them. Im so grateful to you all for taking the time to meet me.

  8. Barry Carroll Barry Carroll

    Joyce, reading this brought tears to my eyes. You are so courageous. And your words will undoubtedly help others. Keep it up. slainte

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  10. G. Smoke G. Smoke

    As an abused child myself, I honour your journey friend. However, I personally believe that there is too much focus on forgiveness in this world currently, and not enough on accepting that it is a perfectly natural human reaction to want to wreak revenge on someone who has destroyed your life and is now happily moving along with theirs. Does it make you a bigger, better person to forgive. I don’t think so. I personally think it’s time we accepted that garbage remains garbage in much the same way as leopards remain spotty. There is, of course, a well known, but little used, cure for paedophiles, and I would like to suggest that we defer to this method in future and abandon forgiveness once and for all. Now, hand me my gun……

  11. Catherine Moriarty Catherine Moriarty

    I was sexually abused at a child but the nuns did not like me no more put me in the back of the class. I was no go for nothing I was asked nothing do what I wanted and was told the facts of life by one nun I was age 12 and was told a story about a little girl that she was stabbed to dead because a man tried to rape her and she would not let him do it and she was staint now they want me to go in a Nuns home My dad said no

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