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Powerful inspirational true story, raw honesty, laugh, cry, and warm the heart

Wow. The most raw honesty I can remember ever reading and I read a lot!

You will cry, that is for sure but you will also laugh out loud and your heart will feel warm, especially as you get closer to the end. I don’t want to sugar coat it, there are extremely horrific facts in this book. I mean these sisters went through some of the worst physical, mental, and emotional abuse you might have ever heard. However that makes their healing journeys, each a bit different, all the more powerful and so inspiring!

The book itself has a very descriptive writing style, the reader is easily transported into many of the scenes with the ladies, especially in recent days where you can taste all that tea and smell the smoke-filled kitchen while they all chat. As a reader, you are there and feel like you really were with them in the room for each step of their healing journey as they became adults. So it’s an easy read, you will probably read it in one or two sittings.

It would have been enough just for these sisters to say they survived their abuse but they have so far surpassed and moved beyond their past torture. What these women have achieved in their lives, not just their own loving families but their relationships, educations, careers, and now this book is an inspiring story for everyone, not only other victims. They have decided to share their darkest secrets and really “put it all out there” in order to let others realize the power of inner strength, different styles of growing, moving on, not being defined by your past and most important that life can get better for anyone who is or has really suffered.
I recommend reading it with a friend at the same time because you are DEFINITELY going to need to discuss it with someone while you are reading!!

Received on Amazon.co.uk on 27 September 2011 Format: Paperback

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