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Harrowing but uplifting true story

I had picked this book up time and time again wondering whether I could read it and be able to cope with what it had to say inside and I always put it back down leaving it for “another time maybe” but I finally decided to read it whilst on holiday and I’m so glad I did.

I found the story well told although utterly harrowing in lots of parts due to the treatment of the children within the family by their evil, sexually demanding father who used the girls for his own sexual satisfaction and gratification. How they managed to cope is beyond belief and also to go on to tell their story after finally bringing the man who deprived them of their innocence and a normal childhood, to justice.

The story is very uplifting at the end and very funny in parts especially with the sometimes choice language used although you have to understand that this sort of language was commonplace in Irish families of that time so nothing out of the ordinary to them.

I hope that they have achieved everything they wished to from writing this book and I also hope that others in the same position take strength and the courage from it to go on to bring their abusers to justice.
I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Received on Amazon.co.uk on 12 June 2012 Format: Paperback

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