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Shameful Verdict Sends all The Wrong Messages

The only way abuse can survive is through secrecy and silence and the message that victims will hear, is that the judicial system neither understands the full impacts of abuse, or values the fact that abusers need to be held accountable for their crimes.

Yesterday’s verdict by Judge Carney is likely to send all the wrong messages to victims of abuse. 

Irish society should be outraged by yesterday’s’ verdict and it appears from all accounts that this brave woman is being used as a pawn between
Judge Carney and the judicial system rather than Judge Carney doing his job and ensuring that justice is done.

“Until we as a society get comfortable speaking about the full impacts of abuse, victims will continue to hold all the shame and guilt associated with this particular crime. In no other crime does the victim take on the responsibility for what is done to them. The only way forward is to encourage victims to speak up and speak out.” Joyce Kavanagh

“Perpetrators need to know that they will be held accountable for their actions no matter how long it takes to bring them to court. If we need to wheel them in on a stretcher to attend their hearing then that is what is required.” June Kavanagh

Victims need to understand that speaking up is vital if they are ever going to leave their abuse behind them, they need to be given the clear message that they are NOT RESPONSIBLE, it is NOT THEIR SHAME to hold.

Joyce, June and Paula Kavanagh
Issued on 22nd January 2013

Published inBlog - January 2018

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